Fairfax Bankruptcy Attorney

Fairfax Bankruptcy AttorneyIn the world of finances and debts, experience is priceless. The value of knowing the ins and outs of important issues that act upon an individual’s personal finance’s is priceless. Allowing your business’ legal affairs to be handled by someone outside the organization can be daunting. However, entrusting your legal needs to an individual whom not only deeply understands the legal demands of an organization, but also holds the role of a business owner himself is more than just a safe-bet, it’s a smart investment.

Fairfax bankruptcy attorney Beeraj Patel, Esq. fits this model exactly. He is one part talented bankruptcy legal professional and one part financial counselor. Before starting his own successful law firm, Mr. Patel gained valuable knowledge on how debts function while managing people and finances as a project manager. In this capacity, he functioned not only as a legal advisor, but also a valuable manager and financial strategist. Graduating in the top ten percent from the John Marshall Law School, attorney Patel is a studious and focused attorney.

Patel Law Firm LLC is a tried and tested Fairfax bankruptcy firm with a proven track record in providing chapter 7 and chapter 13 services. As a Fairfax bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Patel has successfully assisted many people in different capacities where he not only provided bankruptcy services, but financial counseling and peace of mind. He invests himself not only as an bankruptcy attorney, but also as a fellow business owner. He understands the importance of your finances to you, which is why he practices bankruptcy law – to ensure excellent results for every hard-working individual and business he is fortunate to work with. Mr. Patel loves and believes in what he does and has shown over years of success through ample practice on a variety of business-related legal matters that he is an outstanding choice for your next legal need, and is always available for consultations or inquiries.

If you need legal assistance or have a question, please call at 703.539.8077 or message us anytime using the form on this page. Mr. Patel is always available to provide a free consultation and help point you in the right direction.